o Web Design & Management
Included in every package is one of the key things we are known for. Building a high converting landing page or website is essential to see results from our hard work. Our conversion rates are increasingly proven to drive your sales funnel to the next step, which is getting the lead.

o Social Media
Brand awareness is the key here. We build custom post campaigns across multiple Social Media platforms that stick to the eye of your market. By immediately putting your brand into the public eye, you begin to build a community responsiveness that no other service can provide. Custom targeting enable us to generate leads to VERY specific Areas & Demographics in your market. This method shows IMMEDIATE results that with the right sales funnel, can generate revenue in as little as 24 hours. We will also make sure your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are posted on daily with valuable information that will keep you audience engaged.

o Google Campaign
Adwords is one of the most effective ways to make your presence known in the market place. This is first thing people see when they hit the search button on Google. It is great way to generate quality leads that bring you revenue. Google leads tend to be a little more sophisticated than your reactive social media leads. As you may know, this is a paid advertising service that is different from SEO. This service is a great filler for when your SEO is just getting started. While were working to get you top ranked, you are leveraging your cash flow to stay ahead of the game.

o SEO Mastery
In SEO we trust. The acronym ‘SEO’ stands for Search Engine Optimization. Our on staff SEO expert has years of experience in the field and can show you real numbers. This service is hard to get right and it often falls by the waist-side. The reason is because there is a lot of effort that goes in to it. Many hours a week are dedicated purely to your organic online growth.

o Email Marketing
The highest converting method and your follow up foundation. Email marketing is the best way to keep in touch with past clients and unclosed leads without making the phone call. We have garnered up to a 49% open rate. This ensures your clients are reminded of what you do and keep you top of mind when they need a skilled trade performed.

o Web Analytics Reporting
See your results as they happen. With our stats integration you can, in real time, see how your marketing and lead capture efforts are performing. With this service we also implement A/B testing, which allows us to monitor unlimited versions of one ad. With A/B testing we can constantly improve the achievements garnered from our social media and google ads, as well as your SEO traffic.

o Reputation Management
When you think of your presence you may often look over the things people say about you. Is it because you don’t want to see it? Well we have the cure. We use an exclusive software that allows us to screen your reviews before they are posted. This allows you to deal with bad experiences internally, without the world seeing it before you do.

o IN-HOUSE Training
We bring the marketing to you! Lodown Digital flies out to your location and spends 3-5 days with your business to teach you all of the things that we know about marketing. By the time we leave, you will be a lead generating machine, and at a fraction of the monthly cost, because we leave you with all of the secrets.