Print is Dead - Reputation Management

Reputation Management has become the new buzz in the marketing world. It’s a great, price friendly option to improve your brand presence. This used to be exclusively executed by public relations agencies. Now it is used by almost every company who knows how much online reviews mean to your business.

Reputation Management is a term that is meant to glorify what it really does. Which is positive review generation.. Or at least it tries. A while back Google made review gating against it’s terms of service and no longer allows it’s public listings to perform this measure. Review gating was the main selling point for most of these companies. Review gating is when a former customer is sent an email request for them to leave a review for the company. They are asked if their experience was good or bad. If they select “bad,” they are tricked into thinking the field they are typing in is leaving a review, while the feedback is actually going straight to the company so that the company can handle it in house. If they select “good,” they are forwarded to Google, Facebook, or other popular review sites so that the customer can share good feedback with the world. 

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That ensured that companies could polish their image and make things look more peachy than they were. In reality, we know that not every business is perfect. Outside of gross negligence, most negative reviews are emotional by nature and are not as bad as the customer might make it out to be. But none the less, it hurts your business to see these reviews. People are searching your restaurant or store before they come, and they will go elsewhere if they see a couple one star reviews and bad feedback about things like customer service or pricing. 

Reputation management has shifted quite a bit since this restriction has been put out there. Now we see an evolution that is truly exposing shady companies and bad practices. Although this is great and very valuable, you have to consider those emotional and exaggerated circumstances. 

Who knows where reputation management will go from here. Companies like Birdeye and Vendasta seem to be holding on with grace. Birdeye, the most popular outfit for this service, boasts it’s SEO improvement that comes along with more reviews. 

Truth is, if you run an honest and ethical organization, you should want the word to get out. Your company should be heard about for miles and miles. You should encourage people to leave their positive feedback and tell stories of good times with your business. If you are sitting on a contact list of 1500 or above this service with well enough priced, that a return on investment is bound to show up early in your journey into reputation management.


-Ben Landry