Print is Dead - Influencer Marketing

YouTube and Instagram  have become the influencer community building platforms to really watch for. Twitter and Facebook are great, but for a community that can be monetized, they pale in comparison to the beasts that YouTube and Instagram have become. Kids and Adults alike have built followings that have made them millions upon millions of dollars. But there is something more to Influencers that is yet to be capitalized on to it’s potential. And that is Influencer Marketing.

To many, this term is undiscovered and new to the ear. Influencer marketing take a social figure’s following, and uses it to promote a product that you are selling. This can be done in any industry you can think of. This form of marketing is still underpriced for what it achieves which is brand recognition and social proof.

Let’s say you have just built out a product line. This product line is a sugar free, flavored water with electrolytes to promote hydration before, during, or after exercise. The first thing you are going to do is find who your end consumer is. That will most likely be a physically active, younger person. So now you are going to look to Instagram or YouTube for profiles who promote to the same audience. Now, you have found someone who has around 150,000 followers or subscribers and you want them to promote your product. Send them a message, asking if they would be willing to receive 2 free cases of your drink, and possibly added compensation, if they would post once a week for 2 weeks with your drink in their hand. And for YouTube, drink your drink in the next 5 videos. 

Showing your product to their audience builds a trust hard to come by in todays constant flood of products. That Influencer is giving you the recognition you need to sell that product. Next, when you advertise on Facebook or other Social Media platforms, you can target people who like that page specifically. Not only can you target people who like that page, but the engagement in the comments from then influencer post, will show more of an exact demographic range of who to target in the future. You can also as the influencer if they would give you the analytics from the post.

Another form of Influencer marketing can include partnering. So if an influencer is near you, or if you have to capital to do so, you can meet up with the influencer and create content for your page while collaborating on a project for their page. You can both tag each other to gain traction and engagement from both ends. This is more of a contribution from your end and the Influencer will be more likely to accept. This does require some capital and time.

Simple yet effective, use influencer marketing to promote your brand and create social proof that can elevate your brand to the next level.

-Ben Landry

Ben Landry