Print is Dead - Facebook Advertising (BASIC)

We could go on for the next 5 hours talking about the intricacies of Facebook advertising. But instead, we’ll go over the basics to get you moving in the right direction.

Facebook began advertising began in 2007 as the spawn of Social Media influence. From there, a star was born. For the last 11 years, advertisers have enjoyed an uninterrupted run of cheap customer acquisition and easy to navigate user interface. Facebook brought the power of advertising to the every day business owner and allowed for a level of control that had never been offered before.

Today, it is still one of the most used advertising vessels in the world with more than 3 million advertisers platform-wide. So how can you use Facebook to improve your business? Well it’s a no-brainer. If your company is not on Facebook, you are surely behind the times…By about a decade. But even more, if you are not advertising on Facebook, you are missing out on a huge portion of the market. In fact, 2.1 Billion people ACTIVELY use Facebook on a daily basis. So comparing print advertising in the same breath is really a laughable matter. 

Where do you start? You start by creating a Facebook business page. Now, you are opened up to a world of possibilities. Facebook has opened the targeting metrics up to an almost unbelievably detailed list of demographic statistics. You can target household income,  employed versus unemployed, political affiliations, and many more specific metrics that allow you to reach a very specific audience. 

Boosting a post is the simplest for of marketing that Facebook currently offers. You create a post just like you would on your personal Facebook page, then you go to the “Promote a Post” feature and start to advertise that post to the community. It is a simple way to speak to the community using text copy about your business. 

Website traffic and conversions are both used to drive people to an external online destination. You can hook up a link to your website or a desired link. After you input that information, you can select the people you advertise to. If your copy is written effectively, they will clock on the link and head over to your website. Make sure you are sending them to a website that is properly designed with good flow and branding. You don’t want to send them to a place that they exit because it is not designed properly.

Message and Call Now advertising really takes the cake for local brick and mortar organizations. This will entice the customer to perform a call to action that gets them closer to purchasing your product or service. The same services can be rendered using the event marketing feature

With these super basic principles, go on and begin your first campaign. That will allow you to learn about who your target audience.

-Ben Landry

Ben Landry