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Construction marketing is often the most simple type of online lead generation to execute. In Baton Rouge, New Orleans and the surrounding areas, Facebook advertising can often produce lead generation at a high level. Marketing for a pool company, I realized that the reactionary vision of Facebook marketing is best capitalized if you have a full time sales team or are available enough to call the lead very quickly. Often times, people who leave their information on Facebook did it because they saw something they do not necessarily need. They saw the advertisement and reacted out of excitement. You need to catch that excitement quick to set the appointment. When posting on Facebook, you have to offer value. Everyone is posting and every company is advertising. How will you differentiate from the herd?

These 4 Facebook Post Promotion types are the most effective to capturing a lead.

  • Promotional

Offering a promotion such as a price reduction or give-away can immediately attract the users that would normally scroll by an ad like this. It is also a great way for you to communicate a service, at a great price. 

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  • Interactive

Community engagement is very important to your business. When you slack off, the nature of dinner talk will not include you. You know, there are companies in your city that when you think of a service, you think of them. The reason those companies have that notoriety is because of 2 things, which can be mutually exclusive. Either they have been a company for 15 years or they have engaged with the community for a good while....Or Both. Well, if you have not been in the industry for over a decade, you have the chance to build that name. Engage with the community.

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  • Informative

Now that we have covered promotions and interactive posts, the informative post is a great filler. You can spend less money with this post because its purpose is different. The promotion is strictly to pump as many leads as you can into your inbox. The informative post is solely to build trust in your community and establish yourself as a knowledgable figure in the construction industry

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  • Social Proof

Social proof shows your ability to perform the job or deliver the product that your user is lead to believe that they are receiving. It shows a product or service at every stage along with a testimonial about how awesome you and your product are.

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Ben Landry