Lead Generation

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The "New Core." This part of your business is essential for sustainable growth. Implementing a successful marketing plan is the key to driving quality leads to your business.

Reputation Management


What are they saying about your business? Gain control of your reputation and get ahead of your competitor fast by screening your reviews and taking care of issues before they get to the web. Let your business speak for itself.

System Automation


Are you ready for your business to work like a well oiled machine? We automate your marketing and sales systems so that you can focus on growing your business and servicing your customers.

Websites Work

Crucial to converting visitors into customers, a beautiful website can change the way people see your business. Out of date and blocky websites can repel clients that would have otherwise spent money with your company. We know exactly what your website will need to convert the most visitors to customers. Now days, having a quality online presence is absolutely necessary to grow your business. 


Google Works

89% of new consumers use Google to find a local business or product

Your business will have 20x the amount of visitors when on the first page of Google VS. being on the second page.

Mobile influences purchasing across all channels. 93% of people who make the final purchase, start their research on their mobile phone.



Social Works

79% of all US adults have an active Facebook Account, and 3/5 people use Facebook as an active research method.

Lodown Digital has built extensive experience and knowledge to make your Facebook and Instagram a lead train providing TENS OF THOUSANDS in new revenue.

Secure your "BAG"

BAG stands for Bold & Aggressive Goals, and that's what we stand for. Increased revenue and a bolder business strategy await. Get in Touch now to assure your growth takes on a predictable growth trend.